The Pretty Pink Rooster: Jewelry Obsession

I’ve never been much of a wearer of jewelry. I usually stick to two necklaces, a wishbone necklace and one with a charm from Carly and a gemstone from my mom, and then sometimes I wear hair ties on my wrist. FASHION!!!

But when I was introduced to the pieces from the online shop The Pretty Pink Rooster, I just couldn’t help but drool. Each piece is so unique and under $50, which is outrageously hard to come by today; I even see some pieces at Forever 21 for over that price. Crazy, right?!

I’m obsessed with this leather and gold necklaces with accents of sparkle throughout the gold base.

ppr1 ppr2 ppr4

As an aspiring stylist, I instantly started putting together outfits in my head that would feature this necklace. Culottes with a white crop top and platform Birkenstocks with this necklace at the highlight. A white romper with sandals and this necklace for a more relaxed vibe. The combinations are endless.

I was also a huge fan of this iridescent statement necklace with a gold chain.

ppr5 ppr6 ppr7

As photographed, I matched this up with a plain white shirt so the colors of the half-circle statement piece would stand out and be the center of the outfit, but I would also pair this with a ton of dainty gold necklaces with this as the centerpiece. I think that would look amazing with a lowcut romper or jumpsuit and wedges or simple and chic heels for a night out to a restaurant with friends, or with a deep v t shirt, kimono and a pair of simple runner-style shorts.

That’s not it, though! There are also three adorable bracelets that totally caught my eye.


The first is this seashell studded silver bracelet. I could so see myself wearing this when I go to LBI next week.

ppr9 ppr10

The next is this trendy gold necklace with a red tassel and the evil eye as a cool indie accent. The bracelet reads “Evil Not Welcome” which is such a good message to keep close to you, and what can get closer than being displayed across your wrist?

ppr11 ppr12

Finally I fell in love with this studded gold and teal bracelet. Bracelets NEVER fit my tiny, baby wrists (seriously as small as a babies I don’t get it), but this bracelet is a miracle. Since I finally found a bracelet that fits, I can’t wait to start pairing this with my white shift dresses and high waisted shorts.

Please go check out the store at and find all of their social media platforms linked on their site. Happy shopping!

XOX, Norah


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