Culottes or Let’s Not?

It’s that time of the year, the time to start getting ready to go back to school.

Oh, no please stop crying. We haven’t even gotten through the first sentence of this post! Alright, now that you’ve calmed down let me explain why I so boldly mentioned the “s” word.

Going back to school *holds back tears* means a lot of things, but to me it means back to school shopping. Yay! Finding the perfect back to school outfit is probably my number one priority, on a list of things that should absolutely be more important than clothing, so shopping is a key part of my back to school prep.

I’ve been searching the web, reading blogs and watching videos on all of the up and coming trends for Fall 2015 so that I look trendy and ready (probably not though let’s be real) on the first day of school and I’ve seen a pretty substantial amount of culottes. Like, where did you come from??

I have some questions regarding these wide legged cropped pants. Do we think they’re COOLottes or do we look at them and just think cuLET’SNOT? I honestly am at a loss. Let me explain why.

Here, we see a (seemingly?) cool lady sporting some pretty flattering culottes. So, that makes me want them!

culottes 1

But then I see these purple… atrocities. Like do you really expect me to wear these on my body…….????…. in public……?

culotes 2

Yet all of the sudden they redeem themselves? And I’m just sitting here like “damn, I would wear this culotte jumpsuit every day of the week!”

culottes 3

And then all of the sudden I cant help but think “wow, can’t wait to wear these to bed!”

culottes 4

So tell me, are culottes worth it this season? If I buy a pair, I’ll be sure to show any styling tips I have for these questionable pants. In the meantime, let me know what you think!

Xox, Norah


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