Music of the Month: August

I’m a total music junkie. I have at least 6 billion playlists on Spotify and I am proud of every single one of them. You will never catch me not listening to music, it’s constantly playing whether I’m in the shower, the car, or jchillin’ with some homies.(I’m cool)

Although I listen to a variety of genres of music, I always find myself obsessing over a few select songs and playing them on repeat until I can no longer listen to them which really sucks in the long run but… whatever.

So, I thought I would share the music that has gotten me through the month of August!

  1. All the Time: Jeremih, Lil Wayne, Natasha Mosley13UMGIM30164.600x600-75

Sensual, sexy and a smooth jam to get me through the day. I listen to this song on repeat pretending that I’m cooler than I actually am. Also, it’s from the Magic Mike XXL playlist so…

  1. Lost It to Trying: Son LuxqR92LXY

Alternative and inspiring, this song might not be for everybody due to the extensive intro but I LOVE it. It’s so exciting and fun, and I’m a sucker for the use of classic instruments like the flute. (Which I played for a whopping eight years and was horrible at) I found this song after seeing Paper Towns, it was being played during the scene when Margo and Q were driving through Orlando with the windows down in slow motion which is totally my jam.

  1. Love Myself: Hailee Steinfeldhailee-myself

So upbeat and fun, a perfect girls night song. This song may seem a little self absorbed considering it’s called “Love Myself” but the message it sends is great! It’s my shameless pop obsession. If you haven’t heard this song on the radio yet than get your head out of the clouds and listen right this instant.

  1. High You Are- Branchez Remix: What So Not687474703a2f2f74686973736f6e6769737369636b2e636f6d2f77702d636f6e74656e742f75706c6f6164732f323031332f31302f617274776f726b732d3030303036303233313934302d6738706f36362d74353030783530302e6a7067

I just love how techno and fun this song is. It makes me want to put all of the windows down in my car and drive around with my friends in slow motion. (Cough cough, a lot like Lost It to Trying).

  1. Real Life- The Weeknd

I’m a huge fan of the Weeknd, his songs never get old to me. I honestly could listen to Often on repeat for days and not get sick of it. His new album came out literally a few days ago but I couldn’t resist including the song Real Life in this post. It’s an intense song that is totally addictive; once you listen to it you can’t stop.


  1. Shameless- The Weeknd

Again, obsessed with this song from the Weeknd’s new album. It has a darker vibe that is seductive and sultry and I absolutely die for music like that. I just die for it. (Am I Rachel Zoe or nah???)

I hope you guys took the time to listen to these songs, or at least part of these songs, because I’m absolutely obsessed with every single one for so many reasons. Keep your eyes out for my monthly music posts!

Xox, Norah


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