September Birchbox 2015

It’s Birchbox time!!!intro pic

Sorry, got a little too excited there… but let’s be real, who ISN’T excited about getting your favorite monthly subscription? I feel like a child on Christmas morning in 2006 who just unwrapped the coveted rainbow Furby every time I get my Birchbox in the mail. This month marks Birchbox’s five year anniversary, so the box is dedicated to thanking their subscribers for making their company so successful and they did that by reminding all of their customers that they are beautiful. Thank you, Birchbox!


To start off, I got a sample of the Organic Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream, which smells incredible and is outrageously silky and smooth. This product is supposed to reduce the look of tired eyes by evening out fine lines and under eye circles, which sounds extremely promising. I’ll definitely be testing this out since I rarely get any sleep. Yay for messed up sleep schedules!


Following that is the Bbrowbar Highlighter, which is used for exactly what it sounds. It’s a brow bone highlight used to extenuate your on fleek brows. Wow, I suck. And honestly, so does this product. I used it this morning to try testing it out and I am not a huge fan. It was really hard to blend out, even with the little blending sponge on the other side of the stick.


Here’s as quick swatch of the highlighter!

It might be too pearly for my liking because I usually highlight my brow bone with a matte eye shadow, or it might be the texture of the product, but either way I am not a fan at the moment. I think I’ll need to give it a try when I have more time to focus on how to use it properly, so I’ll get back to you on this one!


The scent Cuiron by Helmut Lang is the next product to appear in my Birchbox. I am totally in love with this and would definitely repurchase it if it wasn’t $165 retail. I have always been an advocate for muskier scents are opposed to floral or sugary scents. It’s a beautifully androgynous scent as well; men and women alike can spritz this on themselves and smell amazing all day. I am a huge fan of this little scent and will probably use it to death in the fall.


It’s no secret that dark lips are a requirement for the fall, and this lipstick in the shade smitten by the brand Model Co. might just be the perfect fall lipstick.

pic41You can see how pigmented it is here; the color is a beautiful cranberry color. I haven’t tried it out on my lips just yet, so I’m eager to give this a shot!


My next sample is definitely on the weirder side. It’s a Peri’s Tint Water. To be completely honest, I’m not sure why this came in my box at all. It’s orange, which is a very summery tone. It’s also a stain so it gives a sheer pop of color, which is also very summery.

pic51 It’s really really orange, which you can see here. I don’t think I’ll find a use for this product for a while, especially with how orange the color is, but on the plus side it smells amazing! If you want this product, it’s up for grabs.


Next is the Rene Furter Absolue Keratine Sublime Renewal Leave-In Cream! Wow, that is a mouthful. This product is supposed to give you salon results from the comfort of your own home. I’m always done to strengthening and adding shine to my hair so I can’t wait to give this product a try.


Finally, I got a sample of the TOCCA Esfoliante da Corpo- Nourishing Body Scrub. This stuff smells INCREDIBLE. I wish I got this in a summer sample box because I was desperate for a scrub whenever I wanted to remove my fake tan, but I guess it’ll do in the fall too! Skin care is vital in every beauty routine, so I can’t wait to add a scrub to the mix.

Hope you guys liked this little haul! Keep your eyes peeled for more posts this month!

Xox, Norah


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