Music of the Month: September

September has been a crazy month; school is in full force, I’m babysitting more than ever (if that’s even possible???) and I’ve been out and about with friends and family almost every day. The only way I’ve gotten through this busy September is with the company of my lovely Spotify playlists, also known as my best friends. Although I like to pay attention to all my playlists equally and discover as much new music as possible throughout the day, there have been certain songs that have been on a loop for hours.

  1. FOOLS- Troye Sivan Troye-Sivan-Wild-2015

Reppin’ #TeamInternet, Troye Sivan’s “FOOLS” is one of the most pleasing songs I have ever listened to in my entire life, let me explain why. The beginning is this beautiful piano-accompanied song with fluid lyrics, but slowly you’re transitioned into this electronic jam that is impossible not to love. Not to mention, the message he’s getting across is totally true; people fall in love with the wrong people but they can’t help it. I wouldn’t know what that feels like because I have no feelings, but in a world where I felt things maybe this would happen to me :D. I’ve been following Troye and his music for a while now, and I have to say his new EP “WILD” is pure perfection, Taylor Swift and Sam Smith will back me up on this one.

  1. Compass- Zella Day  Zella_Day_-_Kicker

I’m a huge fan of Zella Day’s music, some of her other songs are “1965” and “East of Eden”. All of her music is so beautiful in such a unique way that it becomes addictive to listen to. “Compass” is one of my favorite songs at the moment because it gives off a more autumnal vibe that makes me feel like cuddling up in my bed with a cup of coffee and reading a good book, too bad I don’t have time for anything remotely similar to that!

  1. Dazzle- Oh Wonder   10917968_841788995879308_1021941637990425748_o

Oh how I love this song. This song fits every criterion that I have set up for a song to be considered a favorite song. The voices of the singers are unique and attention grabbing, the song itself is a perfect medley of electronic and instrumental, and the lyrics really get to me. “You’ll never be what you wanna be with all that money” is one verse that really sticks with me because it’s completely different from the mainstream concepts about money. The song builds towards the end and layers all of the levels developed throughout, I can’t get enough of it.

  1. We Don’t Have to Take Our Clothes Off- Ella Eyrelarge

To all the f*ck boys out there, this song is for you. Listen to the words of this song. Feel the words of this song. Embody the words of this song. And as for all of my ladies out there, this song is probably the truest thing you’ve ever heard in your life. Next time a guy texts you for some “Netflix and chill”, I recommend sending him a link to this song and nothing else. I’ve gotten addicted to this song because the vocals of Ella Eyre are unreal and the instrumentals are absolutely beautiful. This song would be amazing if the lyrics were about sponges, but they’re not which makes it even better.

  1. Bloodstream- TransvioletFUx9x5-R

This is one of those songs that I dance to in my room at 1:19 in the morning completely alone. I just love it so much. The chorus is so intense and sudden, which is honestly my favorite part about the song, and the rest is just so cool. That’s the only way I can describe this song: cool. So, if you’re cool than listen to this song. Cool.

  1. Hotline Bling- Drake   748x748sr

Honestly, Drake has been my boy since he was Jimmy in Degrassi. When he got shot, I felt his pain. When he became a rapper, I dreamed about listening to his fire mixtape. I love so many of Drake’s songs, and “Hotline Bling” is one of them. If you haven’t hear this song than turn on the radio and go to literally any channel, it’s extremely popular right now and will probably be overplay leading to my loathing of this song but for now I am a huge fan!

  1. Elastic Heart- Blood Diamonds Remix

Capa_de_Elastic_Heart_(Solo)“Elastic Heart” by Sia has been popular for almost a year now, and it’s beginning to die out, but this remix is a totally revamped version of the song that brings it back to life. I am a huge fan of remixes because they give the person remixing them a way to creatively alter a song that is good on its own. This remix is absolutely amazing, so give it a listen.

I hope you guys liked this post, I know it was a little lengthy, but I just love all of these songs so much that I couldn’t help but go on and on! Until next time, ya’ll.

Xox, Norah


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