Part 1

It’s no surprise that I am a very single human; I’ve never had a boyfriend, let alone been on a date, and I genuinely have never really been close to it either of those things either. Sure, I’ve been asked to the movies a few times but it’s usually by people who I want to remain friends or who are, quite frankly, total freaks. Shout out to you if you’re reading this! XOX! Hope I’m not offending you too much!

As you’re reading this you’re probably thinking “wow, this chick is a total b*tch!”. Well, that’s where you’re wrong. Ask any of my friends, family members, really anyone who knows me on surface level and they’ll tell you that I have the absolute worst luck with guys. I’ve tried the dating apps and instantly deleted them, I tried putting myself out there and got totally weird results, so I’ve been taking a break from caring about my static relationship status. I’ve made my eternal loneliness a comfortable reality! GO ME! #dying #alone #isnt #so #bad

Everything changed one day on the train. I was in a pretty bad mood because I had overslept so I had my headphones in jamming to some Justin Bieber (don’t lie, you know you love him). After we stopped at the second stop to NYC a guy, let’s call him Tom, gestured for me to take my headphones out. I thought he was going to be a typical noob to the train and ask me something along the lines of “where can I buy a metro card?” or “are we at Penn station yet?”. To my surprise, Tom told me that my makeup looked really pretty and proceeded to talk to me. Eventually he asked to sit next to me, which I agreed to but instantly broke out into nervous hives. Thank god for my high neck dress, but I will not thank god for the genes I got from my parents that make me break out into red splotches when I get nervous. I also started stress sweating because this kind of stuff NEVER happens to me. I’m such a catch:) But seriously, I’ve never been approached in my life! What a great way to start that glorious Friday.

For the next hour or so, Tom and I coverd all the basics; school, work, family, friends, hobbies, etc. I learned that he has his MBA, is working in NYC, and appreciates fashion just as much as I did. Was I being pranked? I couldn’t help but feel like someone sent me this perfect, tall, super hot guy my way just to pull a mean joke on me.

This was no joke, though. When we got off the train we found out we were  going opposite directions towards our subways and were saying our goodbyes when he asked me what I was doing that night. Of course I was being lame and was babysitting; I mean, how childish? This cool adult asking me to hang out and I had to WATCH CHILDREN to make money. Total teenage move. He wanted to see if I could get drinks with a few of his friends, which I couldn’t do even if I wanted to considering the stupid drinking age, but I thought it was a nice thought regardless. He instead took my number and texted me within the hour letting me know how nice it was to meet me and asked to hang out soon.

On the real, I was freaking out. This has never happened to me in my entire 19, almost 20, years of existence. I’ve never been on a date, let alone received a text from a guy whose only intention was to just hang out and talk. Like what?! This kind of stuff only happens in movies or to people who aren’t me. It was like a whole new world!

When I got home I filled in my parents and all my best friends on the great news from that day.


It was really quite the day.

He texted me a few days later suggesting we go bowling and get some dinner. BOWLING. How cute is that? I was so excited. An older, super attractive, business guy in the city wanted to spend his Friday night with me, unbelievable!

Of course I had to go out and buy a cute outfit. Something that said “I swear I’m more mature than a 19 year old but I’m still cute and also fun but still respectable and interesting”.

Finding something like that at Forever 21 was just as hard as it seems among the racks of sparkley tube tops and pleather everything. Eventually I found a cute top, complete with a high neckline that would cover the hives (CUTE!!!!), that would go great with my black pants and heeled booties. I was ready to go.

We decided to meet at a cool new bar/bowling alley at 6. I showed up early because I figured that would relieve some of the anxiety. Can you blame me for being nervous? This guy was awesome! I saw his car pull up and I went to meet him…


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