Music of the Month: November

November is over and we are greeting December with open and jolly arms, but we cannot forget to honor the BOMB  music I discovered this month. Please have a listen, you won’t regret it!

Money All Around- HOLYCHILD

I’m completely and totally in love with this song. It has the perfect combination of great vocals, electronic background with an awesome beat and I cannot get enough of it. I don’t even know how to describe this in words that will do it justice so just listen (preferably on repeat and send snapchat videos of you singing this to all your friends just like me!!).

Sorry- Justin Bieber

Do I even have to explain this one? JB is totally killing the music game right now. Anyone who says they hate his music is straight up lying to your face because every single song on his newest album, Purpose, is amazing. Plus can we take a minute to appreciate this music video? Raise your hand if you tried to learn the choreography. You and me both. I’m totally obsessed, this is the ultimate jam song.

I’ll Show You- Justin Bieber

This song has a completely different vibe than Sorry; it’s a lot more serious with a darker beat and a more emotional music video. The lyrics ~*speak to your soul*~ and are actually really relevant to basically anyone who has ever felt pressure in their lives. As he says, “it’s like they want me to be perfect, but they don’t even know that I’m hurting”, and I think we’ve all felt that way when we totally bombed a math test and our teachers accused us of not studying when really we just watched a super emotional episode of Grey’s Anatomy and couldn’t focus on anything other than that during the test. #Relatable


Disclaimer: I’ve been obsessed with his whole album, but I won’t write about every song. I just named my two favorites, but seriously if you haven’t listened to Purpose yet THAN LISTEN.

Bird Set Free- Sia

This song is one of the first releases from Sia’s new album, which sadly does not feature Maddie Zigler as the spokes girl/starring dancer. Although, the cover does look A LOT like the project of a Parsons student who is trying a little hard to get some stupid message across, so it really spoke to me as I am surrounded by thousands of those! SHOUTOUT! But besides the album artwork, this song itself is absolutely amazing. It’s exciting, beautifully composed and overall extremely catchy. Sia always knows what’s up.

Talk Me Down- Troye Sivan

Is it really a Music of the Month post if I don’t mention Troye Sivan? I think he has made his way to my top three favorite artists, and it’s not because I love YouTube. Troye Sivan is an outrageously inspiring and talented person who also happens to be my age or a year older. His music is so emotionally raw which is what makes it so special. He give it all he has without selling out and I think that’s so rare today. Not to mention, this song is INCREDIBLE. It’s basically about how much he wants to be with someone but he kind of just wants to hang without having to get it on, he just wants a companion. I love it. Good for you Troye, keep it up homeslice.

Watercolors- machineheart

This. Song. Is. Just. Perfection. As you have probably been able to tell, I’m not the best at describing music because I have no idea what I’m talking about but TRUST ME ON THIS ONE. You have to give it a listen; when the chorus comes in I just feel so empowered because the singers voice is so strong and I just love it. So…. Listen.

Perfect- Selena Gomez

I hadn’t listened to any songs on Selena’s new-ish album, Revival, because I genuinely didn’t think any of them would have been that great. BOY was I wrong. Her music is amazing!! Go check out her album, I recommend the delux version, because all of the songs are perfect. Which brings me to her tragic song, Perfect. It’s all about Selena knowing her boy can’t stop thinking of his perfect ex and how she feels intimidated by her. This song is just so honest and I think that’s such a breath of fresh air.

That finishes it up for this month, guys! I hope you like these songs, I tried to make it a nice combination of lesser known artist and mainstream artists so everyone could see a little of what they like, plus I’ve been totally obsessing over these songs as it is soooo… yeah!

Peace out,



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