College Fashionista Posts 1-2

CollegeFashionista has been such an amazing experience thus far. I’ve learned so many techniques for fashion writing and how to capture really nice pictures, plus it’s been so great networking with my fellow CF’s! I wanted to share my two recent articles with you all because I’m really proud of how they turned out and I figured why not shamelessly self promote , right?! 


The first article features little ol’ me, and let me tell you it was quite the family effort to take these photos. I was in Jersey City to celebrate my cousin Christine’s birthday and I needed to shoot for my article when I stumbled upon the coolest black and white wall ever. I feel like that is the lamest thing I’ve ever said in my life but whatever! Christine and my mom helped take the photos and I think they came out amazing! I’m completely in love with how it turned out so be sure to give it a looksie. 😉 Plus there are shoppable links as part of my CF post so you’ll HAVE to check it out in order to see where everything is from, duh! 

Link to article:


My second article features some random loser who I found on the street. Jokes! It’s Jeff, one of my BFFs. I wanted to do a post about what to wear for brunch and Jeff’s outfit was just perfect so be sure to check out the article to read all about it!

Link to article:

Hope you guys like and check in with you later!




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