Progress: Week 1

Okay, so technically I only started working out 5 days ago not 7 BUT I want to do these posts every Sunday and I KNOW for a fact that if I didn’t post it this Sunday I never would.

This post is going to be a bit boring since it’s the first week. I’ve actually been doing pretty good with choosing healthy options over ones that are actually tasty. HAHA Kidding, healthy good is good! (sometimes)

Basically I’ve just worked out everyday in small amounts and then heavily three times, which means I did more than just what I have on pinterest and followed along with the YouTube channel Fitness Blender!

I see legit no difference but again that’s because this is the first week, so keep posted for more updates!

Also, my biggest apologies for the HORRIBLE quality we see here…. I am offended by it myself.



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