Apple Picking

I’M BACK, YA’LL. I haven’t written a blog post since June, and although I could easily blame this on my incredibly busy schedule and demanding school assignments I’m going to just say I’ve missed writing for the blog. I really have and I’m hoping that I’ll be able to schedule my time more often in order to write more. So, that’s all I have to say on that topic.

On a more lighthearted level, I wanted to share with everyone some photos that I have from a super fun weekend I spent with my friends and with Andrew. My best friends from school (Jeff, Pam and Dani) took the good ol’ NJ Transit train to my small hometown and visited me for a weekend of apple cider slushies and classic New Jersey delicacies. Can someone say taylor ham, egg and cheese?


We stopped by Terhune Orchards in Princeton New Jersey and enjoyed the adorable farm shops and activities the orchard had to offer, then headed over to their orchards and picked some apples. It was actually really hot that day so don’t be fooled by our fall-inspired ensembles. The whole time Pam was questioning whether she should wear her jacket or not; meanwhile it was about 70+ degrees. I don’t think any of us were understanding of her jacket issues  to be honest.

After our day at the farm, our inner city kid just couldn’t handle it any longer and we headed into the heart of Princeton to do some window shopping and most importantly EAT. If you’re from NJ and you’ve never been to Princeton: GO! It’s a great town for hanging out with friends, going out with bae ;), or just generally exploring somewhere new.

We had an amazing time in Princeton, even though a complete and total stranger judged us by stating that “these kids are at the WRONG school.” Yes, strange lady, you’re right. We would never dress as boring as the kids on this campus! #FashionKids4Lyfe

We finished off the night by heading back to my humble abode and watching some Netflix together, sleeping in (which was a MIRACLE for us all) and then getting some classic New Jersey bagels. I will forever stand by the fact that they’re better than NYC bagels so don’t even try to fight me on that one, people.

I hope you enjoyed this post and the photos I included. I really want to try producing more content for this blog even if nobody reads it. I think it’s a great way to retrace my memories and I just really love writing for it and sharing my life with whoever stumbles upon my little corner of the internet.




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