Travel Diaries: Honesdale, PA

I’m not entirely sure if this post can truly count as a “travel diary” considering I’ve been going up to Honesdale (technically Lakewood) since I was just a mere fetus. LOL GROSS.

But seriously, this place has been my home away from home since I can remember. Sadly, life has gotten in the way as I’ve gotten older and I can rarely make it up there anymore with my zillions of jobs, friends and honestly lack of motivation to make the 2.5 hour drive up there, but once a year I find myself making a journey to Wayne County, PA for my family reunion and the fair.

On the day of the fair Jack, Andrew and I went into Honesdale to shop around the little stores in the trendiest part of town. Maude Alley and then made a trip to Walmart so Jack could get a chest-mount for his GoPro. BASICALLY what I’m saying is that we’re the utter definition of Millennial/Gen Z (especially since we got fast food right after our trip to Walmart even though we pretend that we eat healthy and workout)

We journeyed home, hung out with the fam for a bit, then kidnapped my cousin Maria and took her to the fair with us against her will!

Jokes! Maria is the coolest 9 year old around and was awesome to have with us at the fair. We ate, we went on rides (against Andrew’s will, this time it’s not a joke) and saw some cute ass baby pigs. I’m really annoyed tbh because I had to pay SEVEN WHOLE DOLLARS to take a picture of them which is a complete rip off so sadly I have no photos but trust me they were really f*ckin cute. Also: Jack and Andrew both won fish at the fair who, three days later, are both still alive and I find that to be incredibly impressive. We took photos of our entire trip so I hope you enjoy them!

Let me know if you want more posts like this in the comments and be sure to connect with me through social media!



IMG_4485IMG_4493IMG_4495 copyIMG_4501

Maude Alley was giving me some serious #Pinspiration, so I OBVIOUSLY had to make Andrew and Jack pose for a photo in their cute cafe areaIMG_4561IMG_4563 copy

Our family chickens! I hate them a lot, to be quite frank, but how photogenic are they? IMG_4630 copyIMG_4637 copyIMG_4641 copyIMG_4663 copy

I would like to personally thank Jack for ruining this photo :’)IMG_4666IMG_4671 copyIMG_4675 copyIMG_4680 copyIMG_4684 copyIMG_4690 copyIMG_4707 copyIMG_4723 copyIMG_4741 copy

The moment Jack won a fish captured above ^ honestly this is the purest form of happiness and pride I think I’ve ever seen IMG_4749 copyIMG_4763 copy


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