Outfit Ideas for Back to School

College is different for everyone. Whether it’s the field you want to get into, the activities you chose to join, the amount of alcohol you decided to consume in a week, or the person you want to become, everyone has a different journey. For me, this journey is centered around my developing style in fashion and beauty. I envy those who can roll out of bed, brush their teeth and head out the door for class. It seems like such an effortless and easy feat, while I wakeup an hour before I have to head to my train (lol commuter problems) just so I can make sure every hair is placed properly in my “messy bun” and my pants are perfectly ironed.

If you’re anything like me, you care about how you look for school but struggle to find a balance between cuteness and comfort. Now that I’m a senior, I think I’ve been able to manage that struggle pretty well and am excited to announce to my dedicated fans, the three people who read this (including myself and my mother!) that I have come up with three outfits guaranteed to get you compliments all while maintaining a level of comfort the people in sweatpants will be jealous of.

Outfit 1: Gingham 4Eva


Bodysuit: Aritzia

Pants: Zara

Shoes: Asos

Can we take a quick second to obsess over how cool and trendy my friends are too? Likeeee stop upstaging me this is MY blog post?!?! #joking #onlyalittle

Outfit 2: I’m Honestly Just Obsessed with Striped Pants 


Top: Aritzia

Bottoms: Zara

Shoes: Asos

Are you seeing a pattern here too? I seem to be obsessed with the tops at Aritzia and the bottoms from Zara. Also my donut is from Dough Donuts and if you EVER find yourself in New York I 11/10 recommend going there for a transcendent experience.

Outfit 3: Denim N’ White- What Else? 


Top: Zara (breaking the pattern!!)

Jeans: Zara

Shoes: Converse

You know I can’t resist a classic Denim N’ White ensemble, especially when the denim is THIS cool. There are more pictures to come from this day so stay tuned, I’m absolutely obsessed with them and hope you guys will be too!

It’s been so nice writing about fashion on my blog again. I feel like I’ve been so lifestyle-centric lately and I wanted to bring it back to it’s roots of outfits and beauty hauls. Let me know what you want to see from me below, I need some ~*inspiration*~






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