How to Land Brand Partnerships

Hey guys! Long time, no post huh? I’ve been insanely swamped with school, my internship, babysitting and binge watching seasons 11 and 12 of Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix so I haven’t had a moment to even think about what to post on my blog, which is really sad. So I figured today’s post would be about how I land brand partnerships because I know that a couple of months ago I was COMPLETELY clueless on how people participated in them.

Collaboration Platforms 

This first option is definitely the most applicable for those of you who are interested in brand collaborations and are just starting out. There are a ton of options out there, but my favorites are Social Native and Influenster, both for completely different reasons that I’ll walk you through.

Social Native: You can sign up as a brand or as a creator, so sign up as a creator! You need to fill out your profile 100% in order to land partnerships. Once your profile is filled out, you’ll be qualified for partnerships! There are two ways to land them; they reach out to you, or you request an invite. I find that requesting an invite is the best way to participate in partnerships because it gives you more control on what brands you want to work with. I’ve worked with some amazing brands through Social Native like Clinique or Polaroid where I’ve received FREE products, like makeup or a camera (worth $180!!!), and have gotten paid for posting. I have gotten paid for every post I’ve done for them ranging from $30-$100, which is amazing. I recommend checking their dashboard once a day or so to make sure you don’t miss any.

Influenster: I like Influenster for completely different reasons. First off, you don’t get paid but you do receive some seriously awesome free products without having to do ANYTHING besides review what was sent to you. You set up an account and fill out a profile with all of your social media, and then you start reviewing products! The more you review, the bigger your chances of getting products. I’ve had a HUGE kit of clairol hair dye sent to me (was was useless, but my friend enjoyed it quite a lot!) along with the entire line of Origins Ginzing products, which btw are amazing! You get products sent less frequently than Social Native but it’s a great way to get some fun free stuff.


Recently my Instagram page went from a normal page to a “Personal Blog” page, no idea how! Maybe I clicked something without realizing or maybe IG did it on it’s own, but regardless since it’s become a personal blog page it has changed my experience with the app. The most important part of being change to a personal blog page for me has been the clickable email link, which is the next way I land brand partnerships.

When it’s easy to access your email, brands who find your page are more likely to work with you. Of course this is a very iffy way to get brand partnerships considering it relies completely on the brand finding you, liking what you have to offer such as a blog, YouTube channel, your following and the quality of your ~*content*~.  One of my more successful examples of a brand partnership via brand outreach was with 1907 Water. I archived the photos on my Instagram because they didn’t fit in with my theme, but here are the photos below!


Reaching Out Yourself

Another way I work with brands is by reaching out myself! This is when you need to learn how to master the art of the cold copy email. You need to have confidence in yourself and with what you have to offer a brand, and don’t be scared to ask to get paid! I have a pretty small following (1.3k) for someone who’s working with brands and I believe that it’s because I produce quality photos and I act confident when communicating with them, even though I am anything BUT confident with myself! It’s all about faking it til you make it. One of my favorite brands I’ve reached out to myself to work with was my collaboration with BootayBag! I got one of their subscription packages for free solely to post about it on my IG, how awesome? I’m also getting a free pair of glasses from Firmoo which is sort’ve my biggest dream. But don’t be fooled, I’ve gotten denied by my fair share of brands! Sometimes you don’t have what they want, and that’s absolutely fine.


If you know me personally, or are even just Facebook friends with me regardless of the fact that we’ve never spoken once, you should know that I am an active participant in everything CF does. I have been BEYOND lucky to be chosen by the team as one of their brand partners and because of that I’ve had some amazing opportunities working with brands. For starters, I WENT TO FREAKING CALIFORNIA FOR A COLLABORATION WITH VICTORIA’S SECRET PINK!!! Like I’m sorry, but what?! That was truly one of the most magical experiences of my life and made me feel like all the hard work I’ve put into college has pulled off. Although nothing can top that, I’ve also done collaborations with Clinique and have another one coming up with Uniqlo! I HIGHLY encourage anyone interested in fashion to join the CollegeFashionista community.

Let me know below if this was helpful for you! If you’ve ever participated in a brand partnership, how did you land it? I’d love to know!




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