Travel Diary: Austin, TX

2018 has been filled with so many adventures so far and it’s only March! Just last week I was swept away to Austin, TX to celebrate spring break with Victoria’s Secret PINK and it was an absolute DREAM. My friend Maddy  and I were chosen by CollegeFashionista to relax on a ranch in Austin for the day, taking photos and experiencing all that Austin has to offer. There was horseback riding, charcoal lemonade, cupcake decorating- you name it, they had it! It was so much fun experiencing something so special with a friend, especially since Maddy and I had just spent the weekend together in Brooklyn with Pantene just a couple of weeks ago. Can someone say dream team?

And ya’ll (I have every right to say ya’ll since this post is about Texas LOL), it gets better. We had the rest of the night as well the entire next day to explore Austin on our own terms. I have wanted to go there for the longest time and it was just as cute and fun as I had expected. The food is AMAZING, the people are beyond friendly and the shops are cuter than anything I have ever laid my eyes on. We spent our night on West 6 exploring the fun places long the strip, and then headed down to Elizabeth St. Cafe and Gourdough Donuts the next morning for a taste of what Austin really has to offer. We explored all down South Congress and enjoyed every minute of it. I don’t want this post to get too wordy since a picture speaks a thousand words, but I just wanted to say that if you’re ever looking for somewhere to go on a fun, affordable and easy-going trip- Austin should be the way to go.

Stepping Ridge Ranch with VS Pink


This cupcake is supposed to be a succulent… LOL IMG_8418IMG_8419IMG_8420IMG_8424IMG_8438IMG_8439IMG_8441IMG_8445IMG_8446IMG_8464IMG_8472IMG_8475IMG_8480IMG_8482IMG_8484IMG_8487IMG_8514IMG_8517IMG_8520IMG_8528IMG_8533IMG_8534IMG_8535IMG_8540IMG_8543IMG_8549IMG_8558IMG_8563IMG_8569IMG_8577IMG_8587IMG_8590IMG_8601IMG_8604IMG_8595IMG_6901IMG_8597IMG_8605

Exploring Austin


And if you guys want to hear about what happened AFTER this amazing day, click here. Hint, hint: it’s a complete and total sh*t show 🙂




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