Spring Break has become an excuse for college students to go somewhere tropical and get super wasted for 7 days straight, pretty much forgetting every memory they spent over $2k on and, odds are, make some mistakes that will HOPEFULLY remain in Cabo or Miami or wherever these fun-loving kids went. There is NO shade coming from me when I say this, in fact most of the time I really envy these folks for being able to party for that long-  who DOESN’T want to spend a week on a beach drinking pina coladas?

So even though this week of partying and #TURNINGUP on the beach is the ideal option for most, I don’t really fall into the majority on this one. I’ve had the privilege to  travel A LOT within the last six months. I checked California off my list when I went to Palm Springs and visited Austin in March! These were two of my top priority destinations for my 20s, so when it came to finding places to visit for Spring Break it came down to the third place on my list- Nashville, Tennessee.

Andrew and I packed our bags, filled up the tank to my red Subaru and started on a cute little road trip for a 4 day vacation in the city of music. We ate out A LOT, explored the city, went out for St. Patrick’s day and obviously took a shit ton of photos. Ready to read all about it? Let’s get started ya’ll! (Get it, because we were in Nashville? So I said ya’ll?)







Dinner: Party Fowl

Hot Chicken sandwich/Half of a hot chicken

Bloody Mary and Local Craft Beer

Breakfast: Marche Artisan Foods

Red Velvet Crepe / Steak and Eggs

Mimosa and Bloody Mary

Croissant with fresh jelly

Coffee: Steadfast Coffee

Coffee Soda (yes this is a thing and it’s DELICIOUS)

Breakfast: Biscuit Love 

Bonuts / Southern Benny / Princess

Chai Latte and Bloody Mary

Dinner: Bartaco 

Chips + Guac + Salsa / 8 different tacos / Corn (BEST CORN  EVER)


Churros with Nutella

*Side Note guys- Andrew and I LOVED everywhere we ate, but Bartaco was our absolute favorite. You guys HAVE to visit it if you’re in Nashville! There are other locations around the country, but we were obsessed


















First day: So our first day in Nashville was technically our second, but the first night we were there we just went out to dinner and settled into our cute Air BNB. The next day was our first real day there, so we put on our cutest outfits and set out to explore! We drove to breakfast, explored The Gulch (which is basically a super trendy area with a ton of cute murals), checked out some parks and visited a couple of local stops. We dropped by the farmer’s market and got some delicious ice cream (mine was Frose!) , visited some local coffee shops and did a little exploring. Then we went out to dinner and #TurnedUp for St. Patrick’s Day! Guys, I was SHOOK by how huge the night life scene was in Nashville. The bars were literally 3 or 4 stories high and each floor had live music. Could you imagine that? It was so fun.

Second day: On our second day we headed out for brunch and explored some smaller, cuter neighborhoods by foot. We shopped around for a bit, found the CUTEST business  called Amelia’s Flower Truck and of course shot some cute photos. We visited the Parthenon for a little bit of history and culture and then we headed downtown, toured around some more, visited their pedestrian bridge and headed back to the Air BNB for a little mid-day chill out. We headed out for the best dinner EVER (Bartaco, we love you) and enjoyed our last full day in Nashville. Also, we visited this really trendy coffee place and we were SO confused! Our coffee was served in two different containers (one was like a beaker or something) and we hated it so much LOL. Stop messing with coffee you hipsters!

Third day: We relaxed in the morning, packed our bags and headed out for our 12 hour drive back home. There was one last coffee shop that I wanted to visit before we left, and honestly I was expecting it to make up for the WEIRD place we went the day before. But, you guessed it, it was just as weird! Why are they messing with a simple chai latte? I’m not kidding, it tasted like hamburger soup. Maybe people from the south enjoy this, but I’m from New Jersey and I require good coffee. LOL.

We had the most wonderful time in Nashville. It was so nice spending so much uninterrupted time with Andrew, and exploring a new city is always a boat load of fun. I feel so lucky to be able to check Nashville off my list of places to visit- where to next?





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