3 Easy Hairstyles

The thought of having to do your hair every morning can be a daunting one; who wants to wake up earlier than expected to do a hairstyle when you could easily roll out of bed and brush through your hair a few times? As a college student, I definitely used to find myself thinking the latter. Having such a busy schedule can be exhausting, and managing my hair was the least of my concerns, but all of that changed when I found the Pantene In Shower Foam Conditioner. I’m a night-time shower kind of gal, and using this conditioner every night before bed truly changed the game for me when it came to my hair.



Picture this: waking up every morning with hair that is soft, lightweight, and INCREDIBLY easy to style. Seems too good to be true? Trust me, it isn’t! I’ve found so much more inspiration once I started using this foam conditioner, so I’m going to share three of my favorite (super easy) everyday hairstyles with you beautiful people for the next time you’re feelin’ yourself.

Step 1: Washing your hair.

This step comes before every single style and is absolutely the most important step. I trust you all will wash your hair, but the secret to this step is using the Pantene In Shower Foam Conditioner! The best part about this conditioner is that there are so many different formulas to target your hair needs. Do you have damaged hair? Weak hair? Hair that could use a little moisture? Trust me, Pantene has got your back. Once you wash your hair, dry it as you please! I usually let mine air-dry (yes, it’s THAT good of a conditioner that even if my hair air dries it looks amazing!).

The Half-Up Bun:

This style is all over Pinterest, but in the past I’ve struggled to keep it looking amazing all throughout the day because my hair gets weighed down. Now that I use the foam conditioner, my hair is lightweight for days and this style has become a staple in my morning routine. All you have to do is section off the top part of your hair, twist it with a hair tie, and voila! A bohemian inspired hairstyle perfect for a casual day at school or a fun night out with your crew.


The High Ponytail:

Say goodbye to drab, lifeless ponytails. If you’re trying to achieve the perfect high ponytail, I recommend blow-drying your hair post-shower or curling it once it’s dry to give your pony a little more personality. After you’ve slightly styled your hair, brush it up to the top your head and secure it with not one, but two hair ties. This will give your hair a lot more bounce, plus Pantene’s In Shower Foam Conditioner will protect your hair from any damage and will actually strengthen it all day. Imagine that, a ponytail WITHOUT breakage!


The Low Bun:

This style is by far my favorite because it can be so simple and elegant or so fun and flirty. It’s as easy as pulling your hair back at the nape of your neck and forming a cute messy bun, then securing that down with a hair tie and a few bobby pins. Want to take it up a notch. Wrap your bun with a bandana or a fun scrunchy to bring in some color or personality!


See? It takes one conditioner and a couple minutes every morning to take your look from basic to beautiful. I truly couldn’t achieve the same results without using the Pantene’s In Shower Foam Conditioner.




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