How I Fixed My Under Eye Dilemma

A problem I constantly face when applying my makeup in the morning is having foundation, concealer and powder cake up around my under eye area. And although this isn’t a life altering issue, it’s definitely an annoying part of my day. Who wants to look in the mirror at 3 pm on a work day and see their under eyes looking wrinkly and caked? Hello- I’m 22 years old! I shouldn’t have wrinkles to begin with. The only way to face this problem head on was to find a product that would ultimately do all of the work for me.

I tried sheet masks, I tried eye creams, heck I even tried resting green tea bags on my eye lids and honestly nothing worked. Not only was it incredibly time consuming, but it didn’t change anything. I have an incredibly busy week so this chick does not have time to sit down for an hour and wear a sheet mask while watching TV and “relaxing”- that just isn’t in the cards for me. Well at least not until I found VII.


When the brand reached out to me to work together, I felt like a miracle had been made. Not only do the masks specifically target your eyes, but they’re meant to be worn OVERNIGHT. That means no laying around for an hour that I don’t have in my day to treat my skin. Even better? These ACTUALLY worked. I tested them out for a couple of weeks to make sure that it wasn’t just some placebo affect, or just sheer desparateness, that made me think these changed my under eye area and at the end of these two weeks I discovered that these products were insanely legit.


The gel-like material is definitely the crowned jewel of this mask. It feels SO nice and relaxing on your skin and best of all keeps the product there all night long. Ideally, you should wear it for about 8 hours to get the best results.


Have any questions? Comment below or reach out to be on Instagram. I’d love to get you set up with a mask of your own!




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